Rabbi Asher Jacobson

Originally from New York, Rabbi Asher Jacobson studied at the central Lubavitch Yeshiva in Brooklyn where he completed his BA. He later majored in Jewish law and received his rabbinical ordination with distinction from the late chief Rabbi of Montreal, Rabbi Pinchus Hirschpruing z”l.

In 1998, he moved to Montreal and directed Bais Menachem a seminary teachers’ college for young women.  The following  year while continuing his administrative and educative duties,  he founded the Jewish Heritage Center, lecturing on Jewish topics of interest, such as philosophy, Jewish theology, language, contemporary and halachic issues.

Rabbi Jacobson received an additional master’s degree at Concordia University and is currently a faculty member at Concordia where he lectures on comparative religion and theology. His recent dissertation in Word in the World, entitled “Can Jews and Christians Talk” was published by Concordia University, and is being used as a text for the Lonnergan theological department of studies.

Rabbi Jacobson’s interview on the Jewish perspective of the DaVinci Code was published in the New York Times best seller, The Secret of the Code.

Presently, he is in a doctoral program and is working on a special project in Systematic Theology, exploring the historical evolution of the law of retribution with the renowned author and French professor Charles Kannengeisser.

Rabbi Jacobson is the spiritual leader of Congregation Chevra Kadisha B’nai Jacob Beth Hazikaron Beth Hillel. He continues to revitalize the core of the synagogue through the implementation of many new, exciting and innovative programs.

Rabbi Jacobson was recently appointed as president of the Rabbinical Council of Canada, a conglomerate of 35 orthodox synagogues and institutions and he also serves as a member of various community organizations in Montreal.

Rabbi Jacobson and his wife Lieba are the proud parents of five beautiful children, Menachem Mendel, Bracha Rivkah, Yacov Dovid, Yehudit Freda, and baby Simon.

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