Chevra Chesed Committee

Every act of CHESED – of goodness and kindness – random or planned – is a ray of light which can displace darkness. CHESED, a cornerstone of Judaism, has become a strong guiding force in our congregation. A communications pipeline consists of 3 co-chairs –  Joyce Fishman, Halina Halpern and Pearl Rothenberg in conjunction with our clergy, office staff, shul members and numerous volunteers.

From its inception in February 2009 – the vision of CCC has been to connect with members of our congregation with acts of kindness by forging personal links. This entails home, senior residence and hospital visits, phone calls and refuah shelemah cards to let our members know that they matter to us. By personally delivering holiday gifts and cards at Rosh Hashanah, Chanukah and Purim and the pairing of volunteers with members in senior residences we try to maintain these ongoing personal connections.

There is even more that we can do to help those in need in our Chevra community. If you are interested in participating in this worthwhile committee and are able to devote 1 to 2 hours a month or if you know of anyone in our Chevra community who is ill or may feel lonely, please let Iona know and she will inform us.

Call the office at 514-482-3366. We welcome your participation and your suggestions.