Brit Milah and Baby Naming

Baby Naming

One of our most joyous religious observances is the giving of a Jewish name to our new babies. A baby naming should be performed as soon after the births as possible.  It should be done on a Monday, Thursday or Shabbat, when we take out the Torah.  Family and friends are invited to a special ceremony where the baby’s Hebrew name is granted before the Torah . The Rabbi prepares a naming certificate. After the service a Kiddush or breakfast is served to celebrate this joyous event.

Brit Milah

The rite of circumcision is mandated in the Bible (Genesis 17:11) to serve as a perpetual reminder of the Covenant between Abraham and G-d “Please contact Rabbi Jacobson and he will guide you through the intricate details of the ceremony starting with guiding you to obtain a Mohel, going through the details of the honors and their meanings helping you with choosing a name and teaching you the various prayers that are said on the day of the brith.

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